A Bespoke Story

Designer Jeweller Alice Herald and Bespoke Diamond Ring

I'd like to share a truly bespoke story of one of my client's with you. He is a particularly dear client to me as he's been my wing man and behind the scenes mentor for many years now. 

Last year (we had been scheming for months), Phil asked if I would dream up a jewel, suitably beautiful, to present to his wife Robbie for their 30th Wedding Anniversary. As a 50 year veteran of the diamond industry it was no surprise that he had some raw goods to contribute to the piece. 

What is special about the 2 princess diamonds he gave to me, is that they are cut from the same piece of diamond rough. Diamond rough is octahedron in its natural form, so perfectly shaped to cut 2 square diamonds from. This was the key inspiration for the ring to come.

Phil and Robbie have been highly successful in their careers and true equals in their relationship. I could echo this equality with the 2 diamonds of the same size and shape and bring them back into 1 form as they once had been. (I love symbolism.)

I tilted the 2 diamonds in towards each other so they shared a point of focus. Not only a nod to each other's existence and the direction the couple share in life but to capture as much light and play as possible within each diamond.

Robbie's love of nature and Phil's love of yellow diamonds then entwine the 2 stones in colour and rose leaves and unite them in the 1 form.

Bespoke Diamond Ring

Storytelling through jewels. That's my kind of bespoke.

Alice x

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