The Rush

For me, the process of design is a rush.

I feel a tingling sensation run through my hands, then an insane desire to stretch my fingers and draw; discovering and unwrapping something unique as my pencil moves along a surface.

This rush can strike at any time. Out running in a snowstorm- the deafening silence of falling snow is the trigger; picking up a piece of fallen fruit- the  sensation of touch and the desire to capture the texture is the trigger; or the silent flight of a bird- the challenge to capture its energy into a static form is the trigger.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a jewellery designer yet sometimes I feel like this art form chose me. Leonardo da Vinci (whom I adore) once said:

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”

Jewellery and telling intricate stories through stunning gems and precious metals became my heart and my spirit.

Jewellery felt like a natural platform. It allows me to craft objects of beauty and precision pieces that have the ability to invoke happiness, love, celebration, awe and longing in the wearer, the giver and observer.

It is because of this reaction that I began Herald.

Herald is my heart and my journey; my spirit and my art. It’s a place where I can communicate my story through jewels that transfix and  inspire. There are no happenstance pieces in my collections, just designs that communicate chapters within a life.


The same is true of any bespoke design; I see them as a chance to use those same basic ingredients, of gems and metal, to capture emotion, celebrate individuals, join journeys together and more.

Design is something that is triggered. And I find no greater pleasure than hearing a story that triggers a design - a piece of unique, couture jewellery - that says so much, in such a small, precise and beautiful way.

X Alice.


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