Jewels in the Making

"Night Flight" in motion

It started with one pair of earrings, and in true Alice style, has become an entire collection!

"Night Flight" celebrates the first anniversary of my jewellery label Herald. The intention was to design and create a collection of striking jewels to both propel myself as a Designer and therefore my label alongside, to the next level in terms of design and craft.

Alice Herald Jewellery Design Sketch

I love how design challenges the mind and creates a visual flow of a thread of inspiration. My design and mood boards, one of which you see here, are basically a map of how the designs flow from thought through me onto paper. My pencil is an extension of my brain and it can be hard to keep up when I'm "in the zone"(and my studio too small to house "the flow"!)


Proportion, colour and movement are key to the Night Flight jewels. Transforming these three aspects into fine jewels has been a true joy.

Herald Enamel Earring

I have introduced enamel for the first time. Enamel is an ancient technique that I have worked closely with in the past and one that takes great skill to master into beautiful fine jewellery. I needed solidity within the frame to contrast with the fine diamond and tsavorite links that quiver ever so slightly when worn. This fine movement captures the eye and sparkle of the gem whilst honouring the energy of the hummingbird from where the inspiration originated.

Night Flight is launching next month at a private lunch I am holding in Wanaka. After which it will be available for purchase direct through me or online. 

I am capturing the making of Night Flight on my Instagram  so do follow if you would like to hear more!


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