Joyful Design

As a jewellery designer I love the art of giving. My mum taught me way back when that giving is as joyful as receiving.

Giving is definitely one of the delights of my work.

As designer, I am often invited into a secret club where my client and I design on behalf of another. Typically it’s because my client wants to celebrate something - a birthday, wedding, an anniversary, Christmas.

Sometimes we design months ahead of when the piece will reach its final wearer and during that time we create iterations, develop and craft secret pieces, engraving messages, and sometimes we even strategise secret deliveries.

It’s covert yes but there’s so much love in this process that the deception feels justified.

And that’s why the giving part of the process is so fulfilling.

As humans, we love to be loved. If we receive, we feel loved. If we give, we feel the love and warmth of the person we gifted to.

That buzz is addictive.

This joy of giving triggered the design of my Eternity rings; true celebration.

The founding rings were forged through hours of design and modelling time, sketching of interlocking shapes, casting prototypes, work and rework to ensure every aspect was perfectly crafted. Kalleh (one of my favourites) polished the intricate detailing giving the 18 gold the outstanding luster it deserves before setting each diamond by hand.

As the name suggests, these are rings for Eternity and so the design, craftsmanship, packaging and presentation demanded cohesiveness. They needed to communicate the joy of giving and the celebration of love, from all angles. It’s really a small piece of sculpture, for Eternity, I guess.

When it’s your turn to celebrate Eternity, to give the gift of love and celebration, you’ll know that the team who created these pieces, loved and celebrated the art of giving too.

X Alice.

*My two current eternity/celebration rings embody the core essence of the collection. Classic, luxe, 18kt and diamond rings with my Herald signature.

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