The Postcode Series

A couple of months ago I decided that each piece of Herald should, in the great tradition of design history, carry its own unique mark. I chose to use the postcode of my hometown, Wanaka, to mark the origin of each idea crafted into reality.

At this time, I had also been asked to design a piece that would encompass Wanaka, its beauty for a must to visit, its incredible sunsets and a place to create memories. A perfect platform to launch my Postcode Series.

The first pieces to carry the Postcode are the Wanaka Sunset Drops, engraved 1:9305.

1: for the first piece to be made in the Postcode Series. 9305 Wanaka's postcode, the place whose mesmeric sherbet sunsets inspired this design. The next piece to be made will be engraved 2:9305 and so on. A piece of uniqueness for each client to cherish.

The Sunset Drops stand true to both Wanaka and my design style: Unique and dynamic with a playful use of proportion and colour triggering a sense of empowerment and joy to their wearer. Each has a beautiful weight in 18kt yellow gold so you feel a wonderful presence when wearing them. The colour of the 5.5 carats of Australian sapphires and rubies just dance as they do in our sunsets. 

I took the Sunset Drops to a recent meet and greet in Sydney where they were so well received. As a result, I designed an entire collection around them: The Sunset Collection: 9305 

The collection will be released in full later this month. I will keep you posted on my Instagram. (@heralddiamondcouture)

A sneak peek of one of the other pieces from the collection for you, The Eclipse earrings in 18kt yellow gold with Australian sapphires and rubies:




As an aside: You will be able to see the Sunset Drops as part of a fashion shoot in Grazia Australia soon. If you’re following me on Instagram @heralddiamondcouture I’ll let you know when it’s out.

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