The Women Who Wear Herald

The Women Who Wear Herald is a rare window into composure and story telling. It is a project I had in mind and wanted to realise for many years and it will continue to be a work in progress.

People so hastily judge a book by it's cover and a woman by her dress. I wanted to capture an insight, a more layered, personal, softer side to the bold, elegant woman who I design for.

So when I was introduced to the super talented portrait photographer, Rachael McKenna, who has the uncanny ability to capture a raw, unique character to each of her portraits, I knew together we could make it happen.

This series of photographic portraits celebrate the stories my clients and I have told through their jewellery. I asked 3 clients if they would sit for Rachael wearing their Herald jewels. 

To the onlooker, these images are stunning, stand-alone portraits. As jewels can also be stand alone exquisite works of art. And then you look deeper.

For my clients and their portraits, I see their lives as I now know them, the stories we've told together and the love that is celebrated and grows between people. You look closer at that piece of jewellery, and you'll see a story woven through the colour and gemstone choice each representing a family member, the setting style is a petal from a favourite flower or maybe the total carat weight has a symbolic personal meaning.

Each piece that each woman wears, is unique not only in design, but also in meaning. Each piece celebrates a moment in their life, an engagement, a new baby, a birthday or an anniversary. Each has a story to tell. These stories and jewels, when collected together in one image, create the layers that make up a person and what holds them strong today.

You see, fine jewellery affects you, when worn you hold yourself differently; you have this inner strength and confidence drawn from the symbolism of that piece and the people that have gifted it to you. You see this fierce, quiet strength in each woman. It is these layers and chapters in life that grow this strength, it is only right that we should celebrate it.

So a heart felt thank you to my clients and the Women Who Wear Herald. You are the fuel for my mind and you inspire me with your relationships and life stories. You push me as an artist and designer and together we create layers that I in turn give back to you in the form of fine, beautiful jewels.


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