Racket Stud Earrings in gold
Racket Stud Earring by Alice Herald
Racket Stud and Spear Earrings in gold enamel and tsavorite
Racket Stud Earrings in gold and tsavorite
Onyx and gold stud earrings

Racket Stud Earrings

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Night Flight "Racket Stud" Earrings from Alice Herald's Diamond Couture Jewellery Collection.

Inspired by the Racket Tailed Hummingbird. The vibrant green tsavorite echoes the bright green throat of the male coquette framed by the sleek black enamel captures the energy of the small bird in flight. The racket shape of the gemstone is a signature cut by Alice Herald.

Versatile Jewellery

The Racket Stud Earrings can also be worn as an asymmetrical pair with the Night Flight Spear. 


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