Once Upon A Time - Alice Herald Diamond Couture



Once Upon A Time background decoration
3 fairytales form the capsule collections within Once Upon a Time. Each named after the morals of the tales.

'Grace' Cinderella The wonderful rags to riches story we all love. 

Be gracious and you shall ascend through society and marry well.
Grace, the ring, features a winding diamond staircase, a pink sapphire rose, that symbolizes Grace, as the honeysuckle leaves symbolize happiness. Hence the Drops of Happiness diamond and gemstone earrings.

'Obey' Red Riding Hood

Do not go into the woods, fearful creatures live there.
This tale has been in play since the 1400’s and has many interpretations. First written down in the 17th century, my favourite version is from Roald Dahl’s Dirty Beasts, where Red Riding Hood “whips a pistol from her knickers” and is the heroine of the story. Hence the setting of the feature ring and the ‘Balls of Steel’ Earrings are made of 17th century flintlock pistols. In the early French version she is also known to do a strip tease for the wolf, hence the ‘Lacey Red Racey’ Diamond and Ruby Hoops!

'Virtue' Beauty and the Beast

Be virtuous and compassionate and good things will come to you.
The feature of this capsule is the ruby, diamond and sapphire rose that Beauty’s father picked for her. Edmund Dulac, an illustrator of the 19th century also imagined fantastical birds in the land of the Beast- hence the pinky ring inspiration.

Full of narrative and wonder, these jewels are set to lift and propel you into a wonderland of your own. Enjoy. x