Jewellery Care and Delivery

Delivery of your Jewellery

Delivery times can vary depending on the item of jewellery. Each piece is custom crafted therefore delivery is typically 10-14 days from the date of your order however please enquire to ask about your specific piece if needed sooner. We will always try and deliver when required. 

Jewellery is delivered by signature required courier or specialist security couriers.

18kt Gold and Platinum Jewellery Care

Your 18kt gold and platinum jewellery should be stored separately away from other pieces to avoid scratching while not being worn. Whilst platinum is more durable than most metals it can still scratch so please do care for it as you would your 18kt gold pieces.

Harsh chemicals can damage and affect these precious metals so it is advised to keep them away from such substances.

You can gives your jewellery and diamonds a clean at home using gentle soap and hot water, then a lint free cloth to bring back the shine.

We do advise having a 12-24 month jewellers check on your pieces that you wear regularly to make sure all stones are still securely in place. Small abrasions can also be removed to bring it back to its original beauty and shine.

Silver Jewellery Care

Silver jewellery does naturally tarnish over time so you can use soapy hot water and a soft brush to help it age well. It is a softer metal and will be prone to more scratching than your 18kt and platinum pieces.